Drug Reform and Family Caregivers

November 8, 2011

Interview with Marc Kealey

VoiceAmerica Variety Channel: Family Caregivers Unite!

Hosted by Dr. Gordon Atherley

“Bill Smith is Managing Director of NSI’s Healthcare practice group. Marc Kealey is Chief Advocate, Kealey & Associates Inc. They say why American and Canadian family caregivers and their families should be interested in drug reform. They explain what’s meant by ‘generic’ and ‘brand-name’ drugs and discuss their differences in costs and medically. They explain how drug plans work in the US and Canada, identify any important gaps, and say what they think needs doing to close the gaps. They discuss planners and politicians’ concerns about ever-rising costs of drugs and drug plans. They say how the supply of generics can be increased and their costs lowered across North America. They highlight the drug reforms they both would like to see to protect drug plans so these continue to support people who rely on them and so they expand to meet future needs. And they say what messages they have for healthcare planners and cost-concerned politicians in Canada and the US.”

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