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Sound decisions depend on good and current information. At K&A we provide our clients with relevant information on and knowledge of pertinent issues. This includes an understanding of current government dynamics and how they will affect our client’s business.

Our strategies and programs are developed to maximize potential outcomes by minimizing, and in some cases eliminating altogether, potential barriers. Our comprehensive understanding of government dynamics and first hand experience of the mechanics of government policy initiatives and legislation ensure that any potential barriers are identified early enough in the process to be addressed in the initial strategy development stage.

Our clients have come to expect that knowing certain politicians is not nearly enough to be effective – they expect that consultants know process. We do! We have to know the process, the bureaucrats and stakeholders. A big part of our service offering is the identification and mitigation of risk. Risk is a killer to business if it isn’t managed properly. Many of our clients operate in a highly regulated market – knowing how to weave through these issues and develop strategies for resolution sets K&A apart.

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