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Water & Environmental Leadership Award

Canada’s 17th Prime Minister is coming to Niagara-on-the-Lake on Sept. 24 to help launch the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s (NPCA) inaugural Rt. Hon. John Turner Water & Environmental Leadership Award. The award will be handed out annually to an individual, group or business who has demonstrated leadership in promoting or improving water and the environment within the NPCA’s watershed.

“Our watershed – Niagara, parts of Hamilton and Haldimand – is home to some of the most beautiful nature in Canada,” said NPCA, CAO, Carmen D’Angelo. “There are many organizations and people who voluntarily help promote and enhance our local environmental treasures and we ought to recognize them for their passion and dedication.”

All net proceeds from the evening will support the work of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority through its Foundation. “Projects such as improving water quality, adding to our tree canopy, protecting endangered species and improving our beautiful conservation areas benefit from the generous support of our donors,” said Vice-Chair and Foundation Board member Sandy Annunziata. “We are also happy to announce that part of the proceeds from tonight’s event will establish the Rt. Hon. John Turner Environmental Scholarship,” added Mr. Annunziata. The scholarship will be awarded to a student entering their second year of environmental study at Brock University with exceptional academic standing.

The highlight of the evening will be the awarding of a Canadian, handmade canoe paddle to Mr. Turner, engraved with his name and the name of the award. “This award will forever recognize the passion, dedication and commitment Mr. Turner had during his 25 year career in Canadian Parliament and continuing after his time in politics,” said NPCA Board Chair, Bruce Timms. “He has advocated for and brought a strong influential voice to our nation’s greatest treasures: our water and our land; we honour Prime Minister Turner for all he has done to raise awareness and profile of Canada’s environment and ensure that future generations of Canadians will continue to enjoy our country’s great natural treasures.”

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New investigative powers for Canadian public authorities

The federal government has recently passed anti-spam legislation and is now looking for broader powers from public authorities for internet activity.

This is a significant issue. K&A’s IT team has been monitoring this issue and if your corporation, entity or team requires assistance, we can help.

Contact us at info@kealeyandassociates.com.

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K&A Brief on Ontario Election 2014

click to read more Campaigns matter! It’s an old sod to describe outcomes for elections.

In the case of the 2014 Ontario provincial election, the phrase holds water – in a big way! Our team at K&A had an interesting vantage point during the Ontario election campaign, with members of our team working as operatives in and for all three Party’s candidates in several ridings across the province. In so doing, we had a bird’s eye view and tracked potential results we thought would be possible within the fights on the ground and the Leaders’ campaigns.

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680 News interview: Canada India Infrastructure

Marc Kealey discusses opportunities for Canadian and Indian infrastructure sectors.


680 News interview: Marc Kealey

Click the play button to listen.


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Canadian firm to develop $225mn hospital in Vietnam

A Canadian company has obtained a license to build a multi-million-dollar international-standard hospital in northern Vietnam.

Doctors visit a patient after his operation at a hospital in Hanoi (credit: Tuoi Tre)

Doctors visit a patient after his operation at a hospital in Hanoi     (image credit: Tuoi Tre News)

Dau Tu (Investment) newspaper reported last week that Canada-based company Triple Eye Infrastructure had secured the green light from authorities in Hai Duong Province to develop a 200-bed modern hospital that will cost US$225 million, up $25 million from initial estimates.

The company wanted to invest $200 million in the project in 2012 and start work on it in the first quarter of 2013, but it failed to do so because of procedural issues.

Vietnam lacks high-standard hospitals so each year Vietnamese spend billions of dollars to cure their illnesses overseas, Marc Kealey, general director of Triple Eye Infrastructure, told Dau Tu in an interview.

Kealey said that it would be a success for any hospital in Vietnam if it could get one or two percent of that amount.

Expected to begin operations in 2016, the planned hospital will be located at Dai An Industrial Park and will offer healthcare services to over 20,000 workers at the park as well as people from Hai Duong and neighboring provinces, Mai Duc Chon, head of the Hai Duong Industrial Park Management Authority told Vietnam Investment Review.

The project is Triple Eye’s first investment in Vietnam and the hospital will also be the first international infirmary in Hai Duong.

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Video: Canada India Foundation Media Conference

Canada India Foundation (CIF) Media Conference, Toronto Ontario

CIF Media Event to announce Mr. Narayana Murthy as CIF Chanchlani Global Indian Award
recipient, and the Canada India Infrastructure Forum, scheduled for April 2014

Presented by Harneha Gulati, PTC Punjabi on February 19, 2014

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Turner reflects on making a difference in the lives of Canadians

By Roderick Benns

When former Prime Minister John Turner reflects on the years he spent as a progressive minister under both Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau, he is satisfied he made important social changes for all Canadians.

Asked to consider a time in politics when he knew he was making a difference in Canadians’ lives, Mr. Turner says he “had a lot to do with a number of situations that affected people directly.”

Mr. Turner pointed out he was involved with legislation and departments that had many direct connections to Canadians under both Prime Ministers Pearson and Trudeau.

“For instance, I always believed in balancing individual rights against those of corporations,” says Mr. Turner.

That’s why the former leader says he was proud to introduce the bill in the House of Commons in 1967 that created the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs – and then he led it.

“I headed up the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs which gave a balance in the legal rights between consumers and corporations,” Mr. Turner says.

As John Turner biographer, Paul Litt writes, this “fit with his concern for the rights of the average Canadian in the face of impersonal bureaucracy…”

Litt notes that for Mr. Turner it was “also a matter of social justice; the poor…commonly paid more because they lacked access to consumer choice and got stuck with the highest interest rates.”

Under former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Mr. Turner was appointed minister of justice in 1968 – a post he held for four years. It was during this time that Mr. Turner sponsored Criminal Code reform.

“At the justice department, I established the federal court of Canada,” where trials and hearings were heard across Canada, he says. The court also strengthened the rights of individual defendants on trial. Mr. Turner also got rid of the tradition of party patronage in the appointment of judges. He also set up the Law Reform Commission.

During a key time in Canada’s history, Mr. Turner would also direct the Justice Department under the War Measures Act. He was also minister of finance from 1972-1975.

After years as a successful lawyer, Mr. Turner was convinced to seek the leadership of the Liberal Party in 1984. Mr. Turner won and became prime minister when Mr.  Trudeau left office. Losing to Brian Mulroney in 1984, he nonetheless doubled the Liberal seat count in the next election, in 1988.  He remained Liberal leader and leader of the opposition until 1990. He then retired from politics once again to resume his legal career.

Did You Know?

John Turner is known as Canada’s ‘fastest prime minister,’ for his distinguished athletic record while in university. In the late 1940s, Turner was one of Canada’s top sprinters. In fact, he set the Canadian record in the 100-yard dash, running it in 9.8 seconds in 1947.

The University of British Columbia sprinter also dominated the 100-and-200-yard events. He even qualified for the 1948 London Olympics, but a car accident closed this window of opportunity.

Mr. Turner, a Rhodes Scholar, studied law at Oxford and in 1954 was called to the Quebec Bar.

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John Turner calls Ukraine political unrest a ‘political tragedy’

John Turner - Ukraine

By Roderick Benns

Just one decade ago, former Prime Minister John Turner recalls the unforgettable demonstration of democratic power in Ukraine.

After a late November, 2004 election in which most election observers reported massive fraud on the part of the governing party, a re-run of the presidential election occurred about a month later after great Ukrainian and international pressure.

Mr. Turner, now 84, was a key witness to that historic second chance. That’s because then-Prime Minister Paul Martin handpicked Mr. Turner to lead the largest election delegation in Canada’s history, calling him a “tremendous defender of parliamentary democracy.”

Mr. Turner led a 500-person monitoring team under the first-ever mission of the Canada Corps.

“I led the team to Kiev and across Ukraine to patrol Election Day. It was the Orange revolution and it was one of the greatest demonstrations of democracy I have ever witnessed,” Mr. Turner says.

Turner, who still works five days a week in Toronto doing promotional work in energy and the environment, is dismayed at the state Ukraine finds itself in today.

“The last 10 years have been a political tragedy. You have to listen to the people,” Mr. Turner tells Leaders and Legacies.

“Those in charge of political affairs of the country need to open their ears and their eyes and be available to the people – that’s the secret to success.”

Canada was among the first to recognize Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union more than two decades ago. Canada’s connection with Ukraine has been strong, anchored by massive waves of immigration from the country since the turn of the twentieth century under former Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier.

Democracy not an accident

The example of Ukraine’s lost decade in democratic renewal allows Canada’s 17th prime minister to reflect on Canada. Mr. Turner points out that he spoke to the Kiwanis Club of Montreal in 1963 and advocated for free votes in parliament except for budgets and the throne speech.

“I’m also in favour of strong standing committees, in favour of private members bills, and opening up question period,” said Mr. Turner.

Mr. Turner says Canada must stay “an open country” in practice and spirit.

“Democracy does not happen by accident. Citizens need to be active and parliament needs to be open to the people. There has to be political independence in parliament and in the legislature. That means the role of the individual MP has to be established,” said Mr. Turner.

As for more Canadians choosing to get involved in public life and choosing a political career, Mr. Turner says he has been on several committees over 25 years, exploring why young people don’t want to get involved in politics.

“They point to the financial sacrifice, marriage pressure, media pressure on one’s private life, and that the job itself isn’t worth it anymore – that the role of the individual Member of Parliament has diminished.”

Because of all these reasons, says Mr. Turner, “we have to be active in our own democracy” and consider how to bring in new people to renew our institutions.

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MP Adler to Travel to Israel with the Official Canadian Delegation


In just a few days, MP Adler will join Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Canadian delegation on an historic visit to Israel. This will be the Prime Minister’s first trip to the region, and a diverse group of Jewish community leaders will be on hand. As the first son of Holocaust survivors ever to elected to Parliament, MP Adler feels truly honoured to take part in a trip that promises meetings with senior Israeli officials, religious and civic leaders, and tours of sacred religious monuments.

Our local York Centre community will be represented well, as rabbis from Clanton Park, Beth David, Beth Emeth, Adath Israel and Darchei Noam are part of the delegation.

Staff in MP Adler’s office will be working around-the-clock to provide you with news and updates from each and every part of the trip. Please go to www.facebook.com/YorkCentre or follow MP Adler on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MarkAdlerMP to get real-time pictures and information.

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